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Title: Gator Bait
 Platform: 3k expanded Commodore VIC-20
 Interface: Joystick only
 Game type: Single player Pacman clone
Written by: W E de Villiers
 Copyright: 2021 eXimietas Software

The story: You are an alligator with an insatiable appetite. You have to eat all the fish to get to the next lake, but giant freshwater jellyfish want to eat you in turn. When you gobble a bigger fish you power-up and everything has to flee in your wake. But this only lasts a few seconds and things return back to normal. 

An extra life is granted at the score of 6000.

Notes: For me this version of the game was a joy to code. Well mostly anyway. I didn't implement the fruit bonus (although the different types already exist in the character set) or more than two mazes. In the 8k deluxe version that I hope to complete one day I will implement fruit bonuses and there are some out of the ordinary maze ideas I want to play with. I also have some extra graphics which I would like to add in a graphic demo of sorts, which is gator themed but is actually just an excuse to play with graphic patterns.

Bug: There's a bug. Sometimes a Jellyfish will get stuck in the home gate. Now here's the weird part. I don't want to fix it. You see I distinctly remember that either in a version of Pac man or some clone version that I played I'm sure I had seen this bug before. The fact is I feel honored to have produced such a historic error.

Loading: for disk use: load "*",8,1
For tape use: load "*",1,1
Then type: run and then press return


Huffelduff (User handle on the VIC-20 Denial forum)

Notice: This software is distributed as is without any warranty given or implied. You can copy the software for personal use. The source code remains the copyright of W E de Villiers and eXimietas software and all rights are reserved.


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