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Title: Grid Slalom
Platform: Unexpanded Commodore VIC-20
Interface: Joystick only
Game type: Three way scroller
Written by: W E de Villiers
Copyright: 2020 eXimietas Software

Three way scrollers for the unexpanded VIC are uncommon. The technical challenges presented by the 3.5k memory limitation is considerable and impacts what can be done with such a game as far as gameplay is concerned. Forty years after the introduction of the Commodore VIC-20 there are still enthusiasts who support the platform precicely because of its limitations and its satisfactions. VIC-20 forever!

Huffelduff (User handle on the VIC-20 Denial forum)

Notice: This software is distributed as is without any warranty given or implied. You can copy the software for personal use. The source code remains the copyright of W E de Villiers and eXimietas software and all rights are reserved.


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