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Title: JAB (Just Another Breakout)
Platform: Unexpanded Commodore VIC-20
Interface: Joystick only
Game type: Breakout clone
Written by: W E de Villiers

 Copyright: 2020 eXimietas Software

JAB is a breakout clone for the unexpanded Commodore VIC-20 (because what the world needs in the 21st century is another breakout clone!). Unfortunately it features unappealing eight pixel movement (character sized) for the ball and bat and not single pixel level movement. This gives the game a rather jerky look and feel. I attempted to implement pixel level movement and the bat eventually moved at pixel level, but by the time I tried to do pixel ball movement I was running out of unexpanded VIC memory fast. So I gave up and did what would fit. 

But why even code another Breakout clone? Simply because of its history. Not only did Atari (Bushnell and co.) pioneer the original Breakout, but Bushnell also tasked Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple fame to develop the original arcade version with fewer ttl microchips. Unfortunately the final production arcade version did not use the circuit board that (Woz)niac had designed, because although he had reduced the chip-count significantly, the design proved problematic to manufacture. Nonetheless it was valuable design experience which would help Wozniac with design ideas for the Apple I. 

So Breakout has a special history and pedigree, and for myself it was fun to code (even if my version ended up being somewhat hamstrung).


Huffelduff (User handle on the VIC-20 Denial forum)

Notice: This software is distributed as is without any warranty given or implied. You can copy the software for personal use. The source code remains the copyright of E W de Villiers and eXimietas software and all rights are reserved.

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