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Title: Monster Maze
Platform: Unexpanded Commodore VIC-20
Interface: Joystick only
Game type: Horizontal character scroller with a dash of Pacman
Written by: W E de Villiers
Copyright: 2020 eXimietas Software

Its Halloween and the dead have arisen and monsters roam the earth after a mysterious comet collided with our planet. You have to survive as long as possible by avoiding all the undead and other nasty's. You start off with 100% health and lose 20% after each miss-step. Med-kits will restore your health but only 20% at a time. There are also syringes which contain a mixture of adrenaline, tobacco, amphetamine, vitamin B complex and gunpowder. This turns you into a crazed monster hunter of note and your grizzly ghoulish hunters become the hunted. But beware, the effects wear off fast and soon you'll return to dodging monsters to survive. Good luck, you're going to need it! Oh did I mention that over time you start running faster as the monsters just keep on multiplying? No? Well you do and they do. If you're really nuts you can also inject another syringe (or two) after you're already a berserker. This increases your running speed even further but it also has the unfortunate side effect that when you return to normal you're still running faster than before. That is the price for injecting yourself with non-approved or prescribed substances. Winners don't do drugs kids!

Tip: The trick is to try and find a syringe just as the previous one's effects wear off.

Footnote: This game is based upon a program I came accross in the Denial forum archives. It was a rather small game which I have been unable to track down again. If someone knows the name of the game, I would like to update this documentation to give an acknowledgement.


Huffelduff (User handle on the VIC-20 Denial forum)

Notice: This software is distributed as is without any warranty given or implied. You can copy the software for personal use. The source code remains the copyright of W E de Villiers and eXimietas software and all rights are reserved.


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