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Five games:

 Chilopoda - Vic-20 unexpanded - A Centipede knock-off
Mars planet patrol - Vic-20 +8k - A Moon Patrol knock-off
 Petscii Breakout - Vic-20 unexpanded - A Breakout knock-off
Railyard - Vic-20 unexpanded - Park some locomotives
Victris #64738 - Vic-20 unexpanded - A Tetris knock-off

Notes: I hope you enjoy these games. They may be a bit rough around the edges in some ways and could take a bit more refinement. Unfortunately the time has come to release them into the wild whether they are raw or cooked.

Contact me at the Denial forum if you have found a bad bug and its disrupting your tranquility, I will attempt to fix it if its not a "feature".


Huffelduff (User handle on the Denial Vic-20 forum)

Published 16 days ago
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TagsArcade, Breakout, centipede, commodore, locomotive, moon-patrol, Tetris, VIC-20


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