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Title: The eXimietas VIC-20 Chip-8 emulator
Platform: Commodore VIC-20 +16kb memory expansion
Media: Floppy disk only
Interface: Joystick + VIC keyboard
Software type: Emulation
Version: 1.11

In the late 1970s when Commodore PET and was still new and Atari released their first gaming console, a virtual machine dedicated to game programming was created by Joseph Weisbecker to support the line of personal computers made by the RCA company. This system was dubbed the Chip-8 and today many versions of it exist on many different hardware platforms. Now, there is also a Chip-8 for the VIC-20 personal computer, and here  it is.

Two additional documents are bundled with this package:

1. zz Manual - The VIC-20 Chip-8 emulator.pdf
2. zz Readme - Chip8-Game disk.pdf

For loading and running the emulator and games, see the Manual.
Two floppy disk images are bundled with this package:

1. 01 Chip8 - Program disk.d64 (It contains the VIC-20 Chip-8 emulator)
2. 02 Chip8 - Game disk.d64 (A collection of Chip-8 software) 

The original archives that the Chip-8 software is sourced from is also attached to this package.


Huffelduff (User handle on the VIC-20 Denial forum)


Chip-8 - vic20-16k v1-11.zip 9 MB

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